How To Care For Sperry Boat Shoes

It’s important to take good care of your Sperry boat shoes. Not only will it keep them looking and feeling great, but it can also help extend their life and keep them waterproof. Taking a few simple steps to clean, condition, dry, and store your shoes properly is the key to keeping them in tip-top shape. In this article we’ll discuss how you can do just that! Keep reading for all the details on how to care for Sperry boat shoes.


Keeping your footwear in pristine condition isn’t just about appearance; it’s also a way to help ensure they last as long as possible. When it comes to caring for Sperry boat shoes, regular cleaning and maintenance is essential. To keep these shoes looking and feeling their best, start by removing dirt, mud and salt with a soft bristle brush or cloth. For tough stains, you can use a mild soap solution on the affected area.

To keep your Sperry boat shoes looking shiny and new, you’ll need to polish them regularly. Make sure to use the right type of polish for your specific type of leather before starting. Once the polish is applied evenly to both sides of the shoe, leave it on for a few minutes before buffing off with a clean cloth. Additionally, applying waterproofing spray or wax will help protect them from water damage and other elements.

It’s important to always handle sperry boat shoes with care when cleaning or polishing them so that you don’t cause any damage. Make sure you follow all instructions carefully when using any products and always test them out on an inconspicuous area first if necessary. With proper care and maintenance, your sperry boat shoes will stay in perfect condition for years to come!


Protecting your kicks from the elements is key – waterproof ’em up! Sperry boat shoes have been a classic staple in outdoor apparel for many years. To ensure that they last a long time, it’s important to apply waterproofing treatments and polishing techniques regularly as part of maintenance.

One way to waterproof your Sperry boat shoes is with a spray-on or brush-on protector. Spray protectors are easy to apply and often come with a sponge applicator, making it easier to reach hard-to-reach places on the shoe. Brush protectors, on the other hand, are perfect for those who want more control over where the product is applied since you can manually paint it onto desired areas of the shoe. For both types of protectors, make sure to read instructions carefully before applying and follow them exactly as written. Once applied, allow your shoes some time to dry completely before wearing them!

Another effective way to keep your Sperry boat shoes looking their best is by using a special polish or cream designed specifically for leather sneakers. The protective coating provided by these products helps repel water and dirt while keeping the leather soft and supple at the same time. When applying polish or cream, be sure to use small circular motions when rubbing into the surface of each shoe in order maintain even coverage throughout all parts of each shoe’s exterior surface area; this will help preserve its appearance longer than if left untreated.

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By following these tips and investing in regular maintenance efforts such as cleaning and waterproofing treatments, your Sperry boat shoes should remain in good condition so you can enjoy them for years!


Ensuring your shoes stay in pristine condition requires regular conditioning for optimal longevity. To keep your Sperry boat shoes looking their best, it is important to regularly polish and repair them as needed. Polishing the upper leather of the shoe will create a layer of protection that prevents dirt, dust and water from damaging the material while adding a subtle shine. To do this, use a soft cloth and some sort of polish that is designed specifically for leather. Start by applying the polish with light strokes in circular motions until you have covered all parts of the shoe’s upper area. Let the polish sit on the surface for about five minutes before buffing them off with a dry cloth to bring out more shine.

It’s also important to repair any damage done to your boat shoes as soon as possible so that they don’t become worse over time. If there are any cracks or splits in the leather or seams coming apart, take your shoes to an experienced cobbler who can help make repairs quickly and properly. You can also try mending minor holes yourself using waxed thread and an awl needle which can be found at most craft stores. Additionally, if you notice any scuffs or scratches on your shoes, apply some liquid leather dye directly onto these areas with a cotton swab or brush and let it dry overnight before wearing again.

Maintaining your Sperry boat shoes is essential for keeping them looking new longer – so don’t forget to take good care! With regular polishing and quick repairs when needed, you’ll be sure to enjoy wearing them for years to come!


With the right TLC, you can keep your beloved shoes looking show-stoppingly gorgeous for years! After conditioning and polishing techniques to protect your sperry boat shoes from dirt and damage, it’s important to also focus on how you dry them. In order to ensure that your shoes stay in the best condition possible, drying is essential.

The most important thing when drying sperry boat shoes is to never leave them in direct sunlight or heat sources. Leaving them in intense heat can cause the leather material to crack and degrade over time. Instead, use a clean cloth or towel to absorb any remaining moisture. Allow the shoe some time to air dry naturally away from any direct light or heat source. If necessary, you can use a fan set on low speed and directed away from the shoe as an alternative way of encouraging natural air circulation.

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When finished drying your sperry boat shoes, make sure that they are completely odor free by using odor removal spray if needed. This will help keep them smelling fresh while preventing any lingering odors that could be caused by sweat or water exposure during cleaning or other activities where your feet may get wet inside of them. Make sure not to oversaturate with the spray; just enough should do the trick!


Storing your shoes properly is key to keeping them looking as good as new for years. To ensure your Sperry boat shoes stay in tip-top condition, it’s important to keep them away from moisture and humidity. Consider putting silica gel packets inside the shoe when you store them so that any excess moisture can be absorbed. It’s also a good idea to stuff the inner sole with newspaper or tissue paper so the material does not become misshapen while in storage.

When storing your Sperry boat shoes, make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight, as this can cause fading or discoloration on both the leather and fabric upper materials of your shoes. Additionally, it’s best to avoid storing your Sperrys in plastic containers as they may trap moisture within and create a breeding ground for mold and mildew growth.

Alternatively, if you have another pair of Sperry shoes that are no longer wearable due to worn down soles or faded colors, you can use these old pairs for parts! Remove any usable components like laces or buckles and then use these items for renewing soles or restoring colors on other pairs of Sperrys that need some sprucing up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Sperry Boat Shoes last?

Storing your Sperry boat shoes correctly and making sure you have the proper sizing can make a big difference in how long they last. If you take care of them, you’ll be able to enjoy your Sperry boat shoes for longer! Make sure to store them away from direct heat or sunlight when not in use, as well as keeping them away from water and moisture. Additionally, taking the time to measure your feet and choose the right size will help ensure that your shoes fit properly and won’t wear out faster than necessary.

Can I use a washing machine to clean my Sperry Boat Shoes?

You can use a washing machine to clean your Sperry boat shoes, but it’s important to take the proper precautions first. Before putting them in the washer, you’ll want to make sure they are completely soaked in cold water using a soaking technique. This will help remove dirt and debris while also preventing the rubber from cracking or shrinking due to a hot wash cycle. After removing the shoes from the washer, you should immediately apply a rubber care product like silicone oil or lubricant ointment before letting them air dry for best results.

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How often should I waterproof my Sperry Boat Shoes?

You should waterproof your Sperry boat shoes regularly to protect them from the elements and keep them looking good. It’s important to use the right drying techniques, like letting the shoes air dry in a shaded area instead of using a washing machine or heat source to speed up drying. Use a leather protection spray specifically designed for boat shoes that will help repel water and keep the material supple. Reapply this product after every few wears and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

Is it okay to wear my Sperry Boat Shoes in the rain?

Yes, it is okay to wear your Sperry boat shoes in the rain. However, you should make sure that you properly clean and store them after use in order to keep them looking their best. Cleaning your boats shoes is easy: just use a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt and then let them air dry completely before storing them away. Proper storage helps prevent cracking or warping of the material due to exposure to moisture; choose a cool, dry place such as your closet or shoe rack. Taking these simple steps will ensure that your Sperry boat shoes last for many years!

Can I use regular shoe polish to condition my Sperry Boat Shoes?

You can use regular shoe polish to condition your Sperry boat shoes, but be sure to apply it properly. When applying the polish, start at the toe and work your way back towards the heel. Make sure you get into all of the creases and that none of it remains on any of the exposed fabric areas. Once you have applied the polish, let it dry before putting on your shoes. This will help ensure that all of the polish is absorbed and help keep your Sperry boat shoes looking their best.


Taking care of your Sperry boat shoes doesn’t have to be a hassle. With regular cleaning, waterproofing, conditioning, drying and storage, you can ensure your shoes will last for many years to come. Clean them regularly with warm water and mild soap. Then spray with a waterproofing agent and condition the leather to keep it soft and supple. After they dry completely, store them in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or heat. With just a little bit of effort, you can keep your Sperry boat shoes looking great!

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