How To Call Tow Boat Us

Yo, need a hand on the water? Tow Boat US has got your back! With a whopping 600 spots all over the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, they’re up and running 24/7 to make sure you’re good. This piece is gonna break down how to give Tow Boat US a shout and what deets you need to have on hand. We’re also gonna dive into the cool stuff they do and how much it’ll run you. So if you’re stuck out there and things are lookin’ kinda sketchy, keep reading!

How to Holler at Tow Boat US

Got a boat problem? Tow Boat US is your go-to. They’ve got this army of marine pros everywhere, and they’re all about getting you back home without a hitch. Whatever boat you’re rocking, big or small, they’ve got the peeps who know their stuff. They’re basically the lifeguards of boating, keeping you riding the waves chill and worry-free.

Talking safety, Tow Boat US is all over it. Like, always rock that life jacket and keep an eye on the skies for bad weather vibes. They’ve also got pointers on getting your boat ready for a long haul, like double-checking your gas and making sure you’ve got your snacks and gear before you head out.

If you ever find yourself floating around ’cause of some engine drama or you just ran out of gas (oops!), they’ve got you. With their badass boats and top-notch crew, they’re on standby 24/7. No matter how deep you’re in, they’ll have your back.

What’s Tow Boat US Got for Ya?


Might surprise ya, but Tow Boat US has a ton of stuff to help you out. From boat safety 101 to pulling you out of a jam, they’ve got it all. Whether you’re a boat pro or just dipping your toes, they’ve got your back.

Anytime, anywhere, if your boat’s having a bad day, they’re there. Engine acting up? Need gas? Dead battery? They’ve got the fix. They also do other rad stuff like finding things that took a dive using some cool sonar gear, patching up boats out in the blue so you can head back to shore, or even running some parts or grub out to you.

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And if you want more peace of mind? They’ve got memberships to keep things smooth sailing. They even have online classes on boating tricks and staying on top of the rules. So with Tow Boat US in your corner, you’ll never be left hanging out at sea!

What Info Do You Gotta Give?

So, when you’re reaching out to Tow Boat US, they’re gonna need some basics from you to sort you out real quick. They’re there for you 24/7, but they’re gonna need some deets to help out. Make sure you’ve got your name, boat number, what kinda boat you’ve got, where the drama happened, what help you need, your phone, and where you’re living now when you ring them up.

Plus, you’ve gotta know where your boat’s at, like its lat/long or some easy-to-spot places nearby. This way, Tow Boat US won’t get lost trying to find you and there won’t be any waiting around. And hey, don’t forget your insurance stuff and any other papers that have to do with what went down.

Giving them the full scoop helps Tow Boat US get the whole picture and sends out the best people for the job. Keep your contact stuff current, so they can keep you in the loop in case they need to tweak anything on their end.

What’s Gonna Happen When You Dial Up?


I get it, calling up Tow Boat US might give you the jitters, but if you’re prepped, it’s gonna be smooth sailing. Have your emergency plans and boat safety stuff on hand, so they can see what’s up ASAP. Let them know exactly where you are and anything else they should know to get to you or help out fast.

The person you chat with is gonna go over everything, then figure out how they can best help. Maybe they’ll tow you, or maybe you’ll get something like fuel if you’re out. Whichever way, Tow Boat US is on it to get you what you need, pronto.

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When we talk about the $$$, Tow Boat US ain’t gonna break the bank. And hey, if you’re part of their crew already, you might score a discount based on your plan and what’s going down. But member or not, they’re all about helping out fast, without costing an arm and a leg, and keeping things safe.

How Much is This Gonna Set You Back?

Let’s break down what Tow Boat US is gonna charge. If you ain’t got boat insurance, you might wanna think about getting it before giving them a ring because they aren’t covering you. But if you do have insurance with them, they’ve got your back with stuff like fuel costs when they pop over to help.

Tow Boat US has a bunch of plans based on what you need. From basic towing stuff starting at around $60 an hour, to the full-blown rescue mission stuff from around $175 an hour. That’s got all the gear they might need, like pumps or life jackets.

Depending on what you need and how deep your pockets are, think about what plan works for you. Oh, and a heads-up, if you’re part of certain clubs or hang out at some marinas, Tow Boat US might hook you up with a discount, making things a bit easier on your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, does Tow Boat US help out in emergencies?


You bet! Tow Boat US is there for you round the clock with their 24/7 call center. The crews? Top-notch and safety-savvy. Got engine trouble or maybe a fuel spill? Or just need a tow? They got captains and crew ready to jump in and get things sorted. They’re all about getting you back out and enjoying the water in no time.

Do I need to be a member to get help from Tow Boat US?

Yep, you gotta be a member. How much it costs kinda depends on where you’re at. Oh, and if you’re part of the BoatUS Angler crew, there’s a price break. Being a member gets you the 24/7 tow hookup in most spots and some cool discounts on fuel and other stuff. The best part? If you get stuck and need a tow, no extra charges – just your yearly membership and any tax that goes with it.

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How long do I wait after I give ’em a call?

Ring up Tow Boat US and they’re usually there in 30 minutes or less. Though it might vary a bit depending on your boat and what you’re willing to spend. The folks there? Super clued-in and all about getting things done pronto, no matter what boat you’re rockin’. Their main game? Top-shelf service so you’re back doing your thing with barely a hiccup.

Do I have to book ahead with Tow Boat US?

Nah, no need to book ahead. Whether you’re in a jam or just want that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing someone’s got your back, just give ’em a shout. They’re up and running 24/7, so whenever you ring, they’re on it. Their captains? Always on standby, whether it’s a tow you need or just some fuel.

Any deals for the vets at Tow Boat US?

For sure! Tow Boat US gives a nod to the vets with some sweet discounts. If you served or got an honorable discharge, and got ID to prove it, you’re golden. The annual fee for this is $24.99, and that gets you all the perks, like being able to call them up 24/7 and scoring some reduced-price tows. Plus, there are other cool deals from their partners you can snag with this membership.


Reaching out to Tow Boat US? Piece of cake. Just a couple of steps and you’re sorted. When you call, having your spot and boat deets handy helps. And they’ll treat you right, making sure everything’s squared away ASAP. Heads up, there might be some costs, so maybe check that out ahead. But hey, with Tow Boat US in your corner, you’ll be cruisin’ in no time!

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