How To Build A Center Console For A Jon Boat

Building a center console for your jon boat is an exciting project that can provide you with a custom-made vessel. With careful planning and the right materials, you can create a setup that looks great and functions well. This article will take you through the steps of constructing your own center console, from taking measurements to installing wiring and accessories. By following these instructions, you’ll be able to build yourself a one-of-a-kind setup in no time at all!

Take Measurements

Now that you’ve gathered the materials, it’s time to get to measuring so you can get started on your project! The most important part of this step is ensuring that you have accurate measurements. This will help prevent any mistakes from occurring during the construction process. To do this, make sure to use a measuring scale or ruler with millimeter markings. It’s also important to double-check your measurements multiple times throughout the process for accuracy. Additionally, if at all possible, measure twice before cutting once—an old carpenter’s adage that still holds true today!

When measuring for the center console of your jon boat, be sure to take into account any obstructions or irregularities in the shape of its interior walls and floor. You should also consider what type of seating and other features such as cup holders or storage compartments you’d like incorporated into your design when determining dimensions. Make several sketches until you’re satisfied with a design before taking further action on constructing it.

As you begin building out your center console, continue referring back to your notes and sketches regularly for guidance and accuracy. Don’t be afraid to go back and adjust parts or pieces if necessary—it’s much easier than having to start all over again due to an incorrect measurement! With careful attention and diligence, you’ll be able to build an aesthetically pleasing center console that perfectly fits within the confines of your jon boat in no time at all!

Secure the Base

You’ve come so far, so let’s make sure the base is secure! The most important step when building a center console for a jon boat is to ensure that the base of the console is securely mounted and sealed. To do this, you’ll need to select the right anchoring options for your boat. Depending on your materials and the size of your boat, you may opt for stainless steel fasteners or through-bolt screws. If going with through-bolts, it’s best to use epoxy resin in order to get a watertight seal.

Once all of the necessary hardware is selected and secured, it’s time to attach framing components such as plywood or particle board around the edges of the console base. This will add structural integrity while also providing additional support for mounting other components such as electronics or navigational equipment. Make sure that all frame pieces are properly aligned before securing them into place using drywall screws, nails, or glue.

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Now that everything is framed up and in place, you can start thinking about how you want to finish off this project by adding aesthetics such as carpeting or weatherstripping around any exposed edges. You could even consider adding trim pieces like gunwales or bullnoses if desired – just be sure that whatever material you choose won’t interfere with any of your existing attachments and fittings!

Build the Frame

To complete this project, you’ll need to construct a strong frame around the base of your craft. This will serve as the foundation for the center console and provide support throughout its construction. Therefore, it’s important to take the time to explore alternatives and choose materials that are durable and trustworthy.

For this frame you’ll want to use either steel or aluminum tubing—both will provide ample strength and stability for your boat. If using steel, ensure that it is galvanized so it won’t rust from exposure to water or salt air. You’ll also need some L-brackets which can be sourced from any hardware store as well as silicone caulk and marine-grade epoxy resin for waterproofing purposes.

Once all necessary parts have been gathered, mark out where each bracket will go on the base of your boat with a pencil or marker. Use a drill to create pilot holes for each bracket before securing them in place with bolts and nuts or screws depending on what material you used for the brackets themselves. Once everything is secure in place, apply a generous amount of caulk along each joint followed by epoxy resin just in case any moisture gets into your work area while building the console itself.

Add the Seat and Console

Now’s the time to get creative and customize your boat with a comfy seat and a stylish console! If you want to add some color, installing cushions is an easy way to do so. Choose materials that are waterproof, UV-resistant and durable in order to ensure long-term comfort and protection from the elements. The cushions can be fastened onto the frame using screws or rivets for maximum stability. You may also want to consider adding additional storage space inside or underneath the seat for any items you would like to store such as fishing tackle boxes, life vests, or other small items.

When it comes to selecting a console for your jon boat, there are many different styles available ranging from traditional wooden ones all the way up to modern composite materials. Consider how much weight it will need to support when deciding on the material – heavier consoles require more robust construction methods while lighter materials may suffice if there isn’t too much weight being placed on them. Additionally, make sure that whatever style of console you choose fits snugly between your bench seats without blocking access into your craft.

The last step is mounting the console securely onto your frame using screws or bolts depending on what type of material you have chosen for both components – stainless steel screws work best with metal frames while plastic frames should use self-tapping screws which won’t corrode over time due to saltwater exposure. Once securely mounted in place, you will now have a comfortable seat with plenty of storage space as well as a stylish center console for all your controls!

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Install the Wiring and Accessories

Time to make your boat the envy of the lake – get ready to install all the wiring and accessories! Before you start, you’ll need a few supplies: electrical wire, wire connectors, power supply, and any other accessories you wish to add. Now it’s time to begin routing your wires through the console. Start by making sure each wire is labeled correctly so that it’s easy to identify later on. Make sure they are run in neat rows and securely fastened with cable clamps.
Next, connect all the wires together with appropriate connectors and test them for continuity. Ensure that all connections are tight and secure before moving onto connecting them to their respective components. When everything is connected properly, it’s time to install the power supply. The power supply will provide electricity from a battery or other source that can be used for running lights or other accessories within your console setup. Choose a reliable source of power such as a marine-specific battery or solar panel system that is suitable for your needs.
Finally, once everything is installed properly and wired up correctly, go ahead and mount your accessories into place using either screws or bolts depending on what type of mounting hardware comes with each device. Make sure the mounting brackets fit snugly against the surface of the console before tightening down any screws or bolts. You may also want to consider adding some waterproofing material around any exposed parts where water could seep in which could cause corrosion over time if left unprotected. With this step completed successfully, you’re now ready to enjoy your new center console setup!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of materials do I need for this project?

When it comes to buying supplies for your project, you’ll need to measure the space of your jon boat to know what materials you’ll need. Depending on the size and shape of your boat, you may need plywood, screws, wood glue, fiberglass resin and cloth, and other tools like a circular saw and drill. Make sure to purchase quality products that will withstand all weather conditions so you can have a sturdy center console for years to come.

How much will this project cost?

When it comes to cost estimates for building a center console for a jon boat, it depends on the materials you select. Generally speaking, wood is one of the more affordable options, while fiberglass can be more expensive. Any hardware or fittings you may need will also add to the cost. Of course, if you plan to purchase pre-made parts such as seats or consoles, that will add up quickly too. Ultimately, your material selection and how much work you plan to do yourself should give you a better idea of what your project may cost.

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What tools will I need to complete the project?

You will need a wide range of tools to build a center console for your jon boat. This includes measuring tools, such as rulers and tape measures, to ensure the pieces are accurate and fit correctly. You’ll also need power tools like saws, drills, screwdrivers, sanders and routers to cut, shape and install the materials. To finish off your project you’ll require glue or screws and bolts to assemble it together securely. Finally be sure to have safety glasses on hand while using any power tools.

How long will this project take to complete?

Estimating how long it will take to build a center console for a jon boat requires knowledge of the materials and tools needed, as well as an understanding of carpentry and boat building. Depending on your experience level with these skills, you can expect the project to take anywhere from 10-20 hours. For those with some background in these areas, it may be possible to complete the job over a single weekend. On the other hand, if you have very limited experience or need to acquire additional tools or materials, then you should plan on devoting more time to the project by breaking it into smaller tasks that fit into your work schedule.

What safety precautions should I take when building the console?

When building any sort of console, safety should be your number one priority. When working with electricity or waterproofing materials, the possibility of electrocution and water damage is very real. So make sure you take the proper precautions by wearing protective equipment like goggles, gloves and a face mask when necessary. Additionally, it’s important to double check all electrical connections to ensure they are properly insulated and waterproofed to avoid any potential hazards. Taking these steps will help ensure that your project is safe for both you and your boat.


Now that you’ve built your center console for your jon boat, it’s time to put it all together. Start by attaching the seat and console to the frame, then secure the wiring and accessories. Make sure everything is properly connected and secured before testing it out. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to enjoy a custom-built console that will make your boating experience even more enjoyable! With this project complete, you can now take advantage of the extra space in your boat that was once occupied by other items. You’ll have plenty of storage for fishing gear, safety equipment, and more. Congrats! You just built a center console for your jon boat – great job!

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